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Le Fevre

fl. 1550’s–1560’s

An Adrian Le Fevre and Michel Le Fevre were listed as chantres in royal houseolds of Marie d’Escosse, the duc d’Orleans [future Henri III] and Henri d’Anjour between 1559 and 1562. See Brooks, Courtly Song, p. 494. Dobbins identifies the composer as François Le Fèvre, who specialized in occasional pieces for the court (esp. Henri II). Two chansons to him in Du Chemin book of 1560. “J’ay veu le cerf du bois” uses and old popular refrain, that appears in MS 12744 and Bayeux chansonnier. The chanson is labeled “Le roy boit”. Dobbins (NG2) also speculates that “Hardis Français et furieulx Normans” an anonymous piece from the same 14e livre, might be by Le Fevre. It celebrates the siege and capture of Calais. “Qu dira l’on du noble advenement, ascribed to Le Febvre in a publication by Attaingnant’s widow from 1558, honors Duke François de Guise after his victory at Calais. Frank Dobbins, “Le Fèvre, François,” New Grove 2, XIV, 475.