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Guyon, Jean (Guyon)

fl. 1520’s–1550’s

Jean Guyon was a singer in the cathedral choir at Chartres starting in 1523, and later served as maistre des enfants (between 1541 and 1556). Total of 18 (17?) chansons ascribed to this composer in publications of Attaingnant and Du Chemin, plus some manuscript sources. Many serious texts, with melismatic settings. “Recepte pour un flux de bourse” appears in Fleur vraye poesie of 1543. “Long temps y a” may be from Hobert, Temple de Vertu, book I. “Musiciens qui chantez à plaisir” from the 4e livre is an encomium to his fellow singers (with advice on need for drinking!). Caroline M. Cunningham, “Guyon, Jean,” New Grove 2, X, 607.