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Guilliaud, Maximilian (Guilliaud)


Maximilian Guilliaud (1522-1597) was a French composer and theorist. He enjoyed a long association with the College de Navarre in Paris, and was tutor to the young Charles de Bourbon (appointed Archbishop of Rouen in 1550). (All known pieces issued by Du Chemin. “Faire ne puis” ascribed to Melin de Saint-Gelais. “Je sentz en moy” is NOT by Marot, but a different poem. “Si mon grand mal” from N. de Herberay, Am. Mal traicté of 1539. Many of this texts are octosyllabic. Most are serious, but “Une safrette” from the 4e livre, is a bawdy text. Caroline M. Cunningham, “Guillaud, Maximillian,” New Grove 2, 00-00.