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Goudimel, Claude (Goudimel)


Claude Goudimel (1514-20 to 1572), prolific Huguenot composer of chansons, chansons spirituelles, masses, motets, and psalm settings. He was a student at the University of Paris in 1549, and later became Du Chemin’s advisor and editor in 1551. he remained with Du Chemin, sometimes listed as partner on publications, until 1555. Met Ronsard through his connection with Jean Brinon (also dedicatee of Claude Martin’s theory book), and contributed to the famous set of ‘model’ sonnet settings issued by Du Chemin as a Supplement to Ronsard’s Amours of 1552. Second only to Janequin for number of chansons in Du Chemin’s chansons nouvelles series, Goudimel’s music is remarkable for its subtle sense of melodic organization, interesting counterpoint, and facile approach to poetic texts. Paul-André Gaillard and Richard Freedman, “Goudimel, Claude,” New Grove 2, X, 209-11.