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Companion resource to Les livres de Chansons Nouvelles de Nicolas Du Chemin (1549–1568), hosted by the Centre d’Études Supérieures de la Renaissance in Tours, France

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fl. 1530’s–c. 1560

Godart. Godard was a French composer active during the 1530’s and through a bout 1560. 19 chansons ascribed to Godard or Godart in publications of Attaingnant (some also widely reprinted), Du Chemin, and Le Roy et Ballard. Possibly identifiable with Robert Godard, who served as organist at the Cathedral of Beauvais between 1540 and 1560. One of these is also from Corrozet Blasons domestiques of 1539. Some of his chosen texts (like many by Janequin) are narrative; others are serious love poems, such as the one issued by Du Chemin. Frank Dobbins, “Godard,” New Grove 2, 00-00.