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Companion resource to Les livres de Chansons Nouvelles de Nicolas Du Chemin (1549–1568), hosted by the Centre d’Études Supérieures de la Renaissance in Tours, France

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fl. 1530’s–1550’s

French composer active between late 1530’s and late 1550’s. Nothing is known about his life or career. About 20 chansons by him appear chiefly among Attaingnant publications. Du Chemin names as “Gentian,” although he is notable for having composed the first known setting of a poem (the sonnet “O foible esprit”) by Joachim du Bellay, an important figure in French literature from the second half of the sixteenth century. [Note that this piece is NOT the one issued by Du Chemin]Also credited with a setting of Du fond de ma pensée in 1544. His works reflect the concise and chordal style heard in Sandrin’s music. Frank Dobbins, “Gentian,” New Grove 2, IX, 659.