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Marle, Nicolas de (De Marle)

fl. 1540’s–1560’s

Nicolas de Marle was a French composer active during the 1540’s through 1560’s . According to a book of polyphonic Masses published by Du Chemin in 1568, Nicolas De Marle was choirmaster at the Cathedral of Noyon. A dozen chansons are ascribed to him in various publications of Du Chemin and of Pierre Attaingnant. His 12 chansons reveal his familiarity with both serious courtly huitains and the grivoise narratives. For a bibliographical description of De Marle’s Mass settings, see Lesure and, “Bibliographie des éditions musicales publiées par Nicolas du Chemin,” p. 338. One of these Masses was based on a chanson by Mithou (Thomas Champion), whose chansons were also published in Du Chemin’s chansons nouvelles series. Frank Dobbins, “Marle, Nicolas de,” New Grove 2, XV, 874.