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La Rue, R. de (De La Rue)

fl. 1530’s–1550’s

Six chansons ascribed to R. De La Rue in publications of Attaingnant and Du Chemin during the 1530’s through 1550’s. He is probably Robert de la Rue, who during the 1530’s was active at the Cathedral of Meaux. He is almost certainly not Pierre de la Rue, a singer and composer active at the Netherlands Hapsburg court during the first two decades of the sixteenth century, a man whose works often circulated in the manuscripts produced in Petrus Alamire’s workshop and in the offerings of printers like Ottaviano Petrucci. Further on the confusion between Robert and Pierre, see Honey Meconi, “French Print Chansons and Pierre de la Rue: A Case Study in Authenticity,” Music in Renaissance Cities and Courts: Studies in Honor of Lewis Lockwood, edited by Jessie Ann Owens and Anthony Cummings (Warren, MI,: Harmonie Park Press, 1997), pp. 187-213. See also Meconi, Pierre de la Rue and Musical Life at the Habsburg-Burgundian Court (Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2003).