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Clemens non Papa, Jacobus (C. non Papa)


Jacobus Clemens non Papa (c1510-1555/6) was a Netherlandish composer active in Bruges, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, and Ypres. He may also have been associated with Emperor Charles V and his allied elites. Many of his works were printed by Susato in Antwerp. A prolific composer of Latin music, Dutch pious songs (souterliedekens), and many chansons. Clemens, like his fellow Netherlander Gombert, composed chansons that were (in contrast to those of Parisian masters) densely contrapuntal, with imitative textures and long melodic lines. Willem Elders, Kristine Forney, and Alejandro Enrique Planchart, “Clemens non Papa, Jacobus,” New Grove 2, VI, 28-33.