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Bonard, Laurent

fl. 1547–1553

Laurent Bonard was priest and maistre des enfants at the Cathedral of Amiens between 1547 and 1553. Five chansons ascribed to “Bonardo” in publication of Du Chemin. Dobbins describes his chansons as courtly huitains similar to the homorhythmic style of Pierre Sandrin and others. Text of “Amour et mort ont faict une alliance” by G. d’Avrigny. Possibly related to Francesco Bonardo (c. 1525 d after 1571, a Flemish composer active at the Cathedral of Padua between 1565 and 1571. Author of a book of madrigals published in Venice in 1565. Frank Dobbins and Joanna Wieckowski, “Bonard, Laurent,” New Grove 2, III, 848.