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Villiers, A. de (Villiers; A. de Villiers)

A total of 52 chansons ascribed to Villiers. The surname was common, however, and even early printers were confused about the identify of the author or authors of these pieces. Attaingnant, Moderne, and Du Chemin variously give P. de Villiers, others de Villiers or just Villiers. Le Roy et Ballard use these forms, plus Antoine de Villiers. P. de Villiers probably in Lyons during the late 1530’s. Du Chemin uses A. de Villiers only in the 16e livre. Among chansons issued by Du Chemin, “A tout jamais” and “Monsieur l’abbé” are by Marot. Frank Dobbins, “Villiers, P.” New Grove 2, XXVI, 638