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Santerre, Pierre (Santerre)

fl. 1530’s–1560’s

Pierre Santerre was a French composer active as Cathedral organist in Poitiers. Published a set of 150 Psalm settings in 1567. Total of nine chansons credited to this composer in Attaingnat, Le Roy et Ballard, and Du Chemin imprints, 1530’s to 1550’s. Note two conflicting attributions to Fresneau. The chanson issued by Du Chemin in 1549, “Tenot estoit en son clos resjouy”, is also credited to Fresneau by Moderne in 1544. All with unusual rhythmic profile. Several of his chansons designated “chansons poitevines’ by printers—perhaps an indication of local tradition. One is in local dialect. Lawrence F. Bernstein, “Santerre, Pierre,” New Grove 2, XXII, 254. Edited SCC.